Updating with A Full Panel Wall

There are so many different ways to add Design and Style to your interior walls. However choosing a focal point for the room and adding a full panel wall can give your space an updated look with added architectural design.

Photo Credit: Dirk Edmund Designs

As far as the design of the panel wall, the options are endless. You can do a simple clean panel design or you can add intricate carved panels with detailing for more of a Victorian look or smaller raised panels for a more modern appeal.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Color options are endless as well. You can make a bold statement and use bright colored or textured paint on your wall paneling. Or take a more subtle approach and use soft colors or plain white to acquire the shabby chic look. White paneled walls can also help balance out brightly colored decor in a space. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: The Family Handyman

Removing wood paneling is no easy task so it’s best to choose one focal point wall in your space. This will give the space character and a high design look without an overwhelming appearance. 

Adding a full panel wall to your space is an excellent way to add character, design and a focal point to any room.  With all of the different styles and color options, you can achieve any desired look from elegant and modern to shabby chic and modern farmhouse.  

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