Tiny House Living – Not As Small As You Think

Tiny homes have gotten extremely popular over the years. They offer simplistic living at minimal cost. Here we will give some insight to those of you wondering what it would be like to live in a tiny home. 

There are many different options when it comes to the structure of a tiny home. Anything from a trailer for a mobile tiny home, to a shipping container, an old bus or even a house boat. 

We’re going to go in depth with the shipping container home since it has the most options when it comes to tiny house living.

The average shipping container is 8 feet wide by 8.5 feet high and either 20 or 40 feet long. There are also extra tall shipping containers that are 9.5 feet high for people who want that extra space.  In general you will have a living space in one container of anywhere from 160 to 320 square feet.  If you’re wondering if you can fit everything needed for living comfortably in such a small space…yes you can. 

There are endless options with design when it comes shipping container homes. You can stack them, put them side by side or across from each other with added living space in between. You can basically configure them into whatever design you please which makes them such an appealing choice when it comes to tiny homes. 

Shipping containers are affordable, eco friendly and extremely durable,  built to withstand 100+ mile per hour winds and huge waves. They are easy to transport and are readily available. They are also flood and fireproof which makes them great home building material. 

You can make it what ever you want when it comes to living style. If you want to combine everything into one container like the one we designed, it makes for a beautiful and comfortable living space that accommodates everything you need.

Our featured shipping container home consists of one bedroom, one full bathroom, a full kitchen, dining area and living area as well as sliding glass doors for added natural light and space. Hardwood floors are throughout. 

The bedroom features a loft style bed with space for a desk area for reading and storage space for clothes as well as hanging racks. With a large window allowing for natural light during the day or star gazing at night while you lay in bed. 

Next is the bathroom. This is a full bathroom complete with a bath fan, toilet, sink and storage above as well as below, sliding window and full shower. For added space it has a sliding door for complete privacy. 

Next is the hall where there’s a combination of drywall and wood accent walls as well as another window and compact heating and air conditioning unit at the top of the wall. 

The kitchen comes fully equipped with refrigerator, full sink, microwave and stove. Also featuring a compact all in one washer and dryer for laundry. Utilizing the space under the countertop was the most effective way to incorporate the ability to do laundry and save space. With plenty of cabinet space above and below as well as open shelving, this kitchen has all the necessities. A convertible fold down table and benches fold out from the opposite wall for dining or fold flat to the wall for added space. 

Lastly is the living room with couch and hanging TV with sliding glass doors to the outside. This is at the end of the shipping container where steel doors are located on the outside. You can keep them open with the glass doors to let in natural light or for added privacy and security you can close the steel doors from the outside. 

Here are other shipping container home designs that incorporate multiple containers for more space and luxury. 

As you see shipping container homes are a great option for tiny house living and can be very versatile to accommodate your lifestyle needs. 

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