Looking for that Farmhouse vibe or adding some rustic appeal to your home? Or maybe more of a industrial chic look. Adding a beautiful industrial table to your space can achieve any one of these design platforms.

Let’s start with farmhouse design.

If you’re wanting to achieve more of the farmhouse vibe, getting an industrial table with delicate metal accents will do the job. Softer toned woods or white washed distressed wood is key when choosing an industrial table that will accomplish the farmhouse design element. 

Staying on the lighter delicate side when it comes to the metal aspect of the table is also key to attain that soft, lighthearted and inviting farmhouse feel. 

If you’d like to go a little more rustic with vintage appeal, choose warm earth-toned wood with natural finishes. Metal elements of the table can be light to medium weight throughout the table. To give even more vintage appeal, choose a leg style that has wheels like a vintage cart. Also adding a metal shelf or a metal stringer design between the legs will add more character and a unique vintage touch to your table.

If you’re wanting to achieve the industrial look, choose lighter toned wood with raw finishes. This will achieve the rugged and unfinished look of industrial design that is often accomplished in industrial spaces that have been converted to lofts.  

Metal elements of the table are optional ranging from light to heavy weight throughout the table.  If you desire a more rugged appeal then a thicker, heavier weight metal leg will accomplish this. Table leg styles can range from your standard leg to a metal wrap around framed leg or a trestle style leg. All of which will give the table a rugged feel and attain the industrial chic element. 

Industrial tables offer a diverse range of options when it comes to design platforms. Once you’ve chosen your design platform, choosing your industrial table will be easier knowing what elements to look for.

If you would like an industrial style table, we offer custom made industrial style tables for any design platform. We offer a wide variety of end tables, dining tables and coffee tables that are custom-made to fit your unique style and space. 

So what are you waiting for? Give your home that final unique touch that will give character and functionality that will complete your space.