Polished Design With Crown Molding & Baseboard Molding

A great way to update your home interior is to add molding to the walls of your space. There are many types of molding but we’re going to go over crown molding and baseboard molding in this blog post.

Starting from the bottom, baseboard molding is a decorative trim board that covers the seam between the wall and the floor. Baseboard molding provides three important functions. It hides the gap between the wall and the floor, it protects the wall from damage and provides room decor.

Baseboard molding comes in many types, styles and sizes with the most popular type being the single flat board with decorative profile. Rooms that have carpeting will have just the baseboard with a gap so the carpet goes underneath it. 

Rooms that have hard surface floors like tile or wood have the baseboard molding going all the way to the floors surface with a base decorative trim added called shoe molding. Usually the baseboard is white with the shoe molding matching the color or stain of wood grain in the floor. If tile, then the shoe molding matches the baseboard molding. 

The style of your baseboard molding can alter the look of a space or an entire home. So make sure to choose a style that compliments your design platform. It comes in many different decorative profiles with the most common being three inch rounded or stepped profiled baseboard. You can go with a simple design or a more sophisticated elaborate profile. In general, the baseboard should be in proportion to the crown molding. 

Crown molding was originally used to cap walls and cover the seam where the walls meet the ceiling. However now it’s widely used more for its decorative purposes. Crown molding adds elegance to any space drawing the eyes up and making the ceiling feel higher. 

It comes in many different design options giving the ability to customize your space accordingly. Also paint color for your crown molding can really make a difference in how high the ceiling feels. Painting the crown molding the same color as the walls can lift the ceiling up. However painting it the color of the ceiling is the most common. But you can also paint it a shade different from the walls or ceiling which adds more character. 

You can utilize crown molding in more ways than just framing in a room. Adding it to encase windows can make the windows appear larger and make the room look brighter. It also can provide an anchor for any window treatments. 

Installing crown molding above cabinetry can allow for a more custom look. This allows the cabinetry  to attain a more built in look adding elegance and high design to your kitchen. 

Adding crown molding to built in bookcases can achieve a more permanent look and custom appearance. It adds the perfect finishing touch to make your bookcase look as though it was original with the house. 

Also another decorative option is to add crown molding to your fireplace mantle. Doing so can enhance the look of your fireplace providing a focal point as well as added elegance. The crown molding provides a beautiful polished look to an updated fireplace. 

Whichever you decide on whether it’s baseboard, crown molding or both. Used independently or together, they add high design, elegance and a beautiful polished look to any room. Not only adding beauty to each space, but also adding value to your home. 

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