Planning A Bathroom Remodel

Taking on a bathroom remodel can be somewhat intimidating. However, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home.  

There are a few things to do first to prepare for a bathroom remodel.  First and foremost create a budget. Next determine your design platform. And plan ahead for any unique projects within the bathroom.  

A huge part of a bathroom remodel is deciding on the design of your tub and or shower. There are several options when it comes to enclosures for your shower. There’s sliding doors, framed glass doors and the frameless glass door. Although the frameless glass is the most expensive, this has been a popular favorite among homeowners that adds elegance and gives the space a much larger appearance. Other benefits of frameless glass are better flow of light into the shower, easy clean up and less chance of mold buildup since there’s no areas where water can sit and gather. 

When it comes to bathtubs, the current design trend is to have them separate from the shower instead of combined.  The stand alone deep set soaking tub is the trending go to style. Especially with the most popular design platform of modern farmhouse. This deep set soaking tub with an oval shape not only gives the bathroom elegance but  that warm, inviting farmhouse feel. 

Choosing the right material for your bathroom walls is essential. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are the best choice when it comes to moisture.  But you can also use glass tiles or stone for a more appealing look.  This is where you can get very creative in choosing different tiles for the walls, floor or vanity backsplash. Subway tiles and marble or slate are popular choices. However, getting creative and adding a splash of design like a modern geometric floor tile can give the bathroom appeal without overwhelming the space. 

When it comes to the color palette of your bathroom stay away from bold colors like reds or oranges. This is the one room that you can escape to relax and unwind from the day.  So choosing color palettes like blues, soft greens, grays or soft cream colors have a calming and relaxing effect that will make your bathroom one of your favorite places to unwind. 

There are many options when it comes to choosing a vanity. There’s cabinet style, freestanding furniture style, floating, single, double or freestanding side-by-side. You can choose to have enclosed shelving or open shelving. This will be the centerpiece of your bathroom that will give it the design appeal you choose. Keep that in mind when choosing hardware for the accents of your vanity and bathroom as well. If you’re going for a modern appeal you will want to choose simple and sleek hardware pieces. If you’re going for more of the rustic or farmhouse appeal, you will need to choose a brushed finish with more ornate hardware pieces. 

When it comes to the lighting of this space you don’t want to have an abrasively bright appearance. However, you do want enough light to see but keeping with softer warm toned light will add to the soothing ambience of the space. Once your bathroom remodel is complete, you will now have an invitingly soothing spa like space to escape to. A beautiful bathroom to relax and unwind from the day. Ahhhhh….

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