Pallet & Reclaimed Wood Accent Walls

Pallet wood and reclaimed wood accent walls have become more and more popular in the home remodeling industry and are frequently used in the modern farmhouse design platform. 

When it comes to pallet and reclaimed wood accent walls, your options are pretty open. Not only can any interior room of your home have a pallet or wood accent wall, including the bathroom, but also exterior pallet and wood accent walls are yet another option. 

Not only in home remodeling, but also in commercial remodeling, pallet and reclaimed wood accent walls have been added to bring warmth and an inviting appeal for patrons.  We have designed some beautiful wood accent walls for some of our commercial clients that have received consistent compliments from their customers and keep them coming back for the atmosphere. 

Getting even more creative beyond the accent wall, is a pallet ceiling, which is another option that we have offered and done for a few of our clients. 

The great thing about choosing a pallet accent wall for your space is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Choosing a variety of pallets with different wood tones and textures is what’s going to make your pallet wall stand out and provide a beautiful focal point for the room. 

When doing an accent wall of reclaimed wood, choosing rich wood tones with a high gloss finish will give the space an elegant high design look but also add inviting warmth. 

There are a variety of color choices when it comes to a pallet accent wall. You can choose to white wash your pallet wood for more of a shiplap look which will give off the shabby chic appeal. Also, different finishes or paints will provide different design elements. Warmer toned finishes will give more of a rustic appeal while cooler softer toned finishes or paints will offer more of a modern farmhouse look. If you want to match your pallet wall with the theme of your space, then painting alternating pallets with your color palette is also another great way to make your accent wall stand out and add that perfect touch to tie everything together. 

Adding a pallet or wood accent wall to any room will add depth and character providing a unique look for your space. It can add inviting warmth to a dining room or family room and high design appeal in a bedroom or bathroom. 

Getting creative with your pallet or wood accent wall is the best part. Having options ranging from doing the entire wall, half of the wall or a mosaic in the middle of the wall.  The different wood tones, finishes and paint colors not only make this project fun, but desirable for adding design, character and appeal to any space. 

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