Wanting to put hardwood floors in your home, but concerned about the cost and upkeep? LVP flooring or luxury vinyl plank flooring is a cost effective alternative to real hardwood flooring.  It’s beautiful, versatile, durable and well-suited for residential as well as commercial applications. It mimics the look, warmth and texture of real hardwood flooring. It’s also waterproof and very easy to clean which makes LVP flooring such an attractive alternative.  

LVP flooring has rigid construction and is made to be very durable which makes it a great option for high traffic areas. LVP flooring can be installed as glue down or the more popular, clickable pieces making installation a breeze. Whether you’re looking for the appearance of traditional oak, blonde maple or brazilian cherry, LVP flooring comes in a variety of colors and styles to suite your design preferences. 

LVP flooring has prices ranging from about $3 per square foot to about $7 per square foot. The mid priced lines are usually a good starting point. If you go too low in price then the quality is not going to be what you need. 

Styles and color options are endless ranging from a variety of textures, colors and plank sizes. Plank size options range from wide plank to the traditional 2-3 inch boards. You can also mix and match sizes for a customized unique look. 

The look and feel of LVP flooring mimics real hardwood so precisely, it’s hard to tell the difference. Even for seasoned professionals. 

Installation is fairly easy so you don’t have to be a carpenter to install your LVP flooring. Depending on the condition of your current floor, you may be able to install LVP flooring directly over top of your existing floor. Most offer the click in place application. Others offer the glue down application which is best for heavy traffic areas. 

When choosing your LVP flooring you want to make sure you opt for a thicker cut plank to add not only comfort but more durability. Most quality options have a surface wear layer, a middle core and a bottom layer. Also the thicker the surface wear layer, the more durable and resistant to scratches and wear.  

Vinyl Plank Floor also offer more comfort absorbing pressure like a sponge. They’re much softer underfoot with almost a bounce like feel. 

Another benefit of LVP flooring is that it maintains room temperature year round. So having a cozy feel to the floor in the dead of winter is the ultimate comfort. However, you can also use LVP flooring with radiant heating systems as well for even more added comfort. 

However as with everything there are some cons to LVP flooring. LVP flooring can emit VOC’s which can cause health concerns, however you can get an LVP flooring that has low VOC’s and phthalate free. 

Also installing LVP flooring will not raise the value of your home as real hardwood flooring would. So if you’re looking for maximum return for your investment, explore other options. Otherwise if your looking to maximize your investment in your floors and stay in your home, then this is the perfect choice. 

With the many benefits of LVP flooring, you can see why it’s gained popularity in the new construction and remodeling industry. It’s affordable, functional and easily maintained.  Colors, styles and textures are endless and there are eco friendly brands offered as well making LVP flooring a very attractive design option for many homeowners.