Light Fixtures That Will Transform Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom lighting, it tends to be overlooked without too much thought put into it.  However, with bathrooms becoming larger, proper lighting is essential. 

There are so many options when it come to bathroom light fixtures. Watch how your bathroom transforms from blah to beautiful with wall sconces, perimeter lighting and chandeliers. 

The bathroom should be well lit and clean but should also have the ability to create a relaxed and peaceful spa like environment.  Start with the ceiling then work your way to the vanity and other fixtures such as under cabinet lighting or wall-mounted lighting. Don’t forget the bath and shower area as well.

Adding a chandelier to a freestanding tub can tie your bathroom together making it chic and vibrant. An antique chandelier adds a luxurious feel while adding a warm glow above the bathtub. 

This master bathroom has modern farmhouse appeal with a simple chandelier directly in the middle of the space. This provides the finishing touch and the perfect amount of light to offset the vanity wall sconces which evenly illuminate the vanity. 

This nautical inspired bathroom is complete with these vintage ship lights alongside the vanity. These fixtures compliment the overall design platform of the bathroom. 

This rustic style bathroom is complete with copper sconces around the vanity as well as copper chandeliers above freestanding the tub. The copper adds a touch of vintage as well as complimenting the rustic style of the space. 

This 1960s vintage style chandelier adds the perfect touch to the sleek, metallic tones of the space. It also compliments the style of the bathtub pulling out the metal base making it the focal point of the bathroom. 

Go for an industrial look with these antique brass wall-mounted lamps. 

These glass shade fixtures over the vanity add a simple touch that doesn’t overwhelm the eye or take away from the wallpaper design which is the focal point of this bathroom. 

This star chandelier adds the perfect amount of drama to this retro inspired bathroom with very simple design. 

Be sure to take time and put effort into your bathroom light fixtures. It will make a huge difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. Proper light fixtures can help create a peaceful and soothing atmosphere and provide the finishing touches to the design platform of your bathroom.

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