Home Office Ideas That Will Get Your Creativity Flowing

Whether you work from home or just want a quiet space to organize your schedule and pay bills, a home office will provide a separate space with comfort and design to do just that. 

First and foremost before jumping head first into the details and design of your home office, you must select a location. Consider the amount of space you’ll need as well as traffic flow in your home and your ability to withstand distractions. The goal is to be comfortable and productive. Also whether or not you will have clients stopping by will also predict the location. You want a space that’s appealing and soothing without the busyness of family life interfering. 

When it comes to the function of your office, don’t sacrifice form for function. Decide what items you will utilize most before investing in furniture that won’t serve your purpose. Once you figure out what items you use most daily, find pieces that are both beautiful and functional that will contribute to your workflow. 

Also try to find pieces that compliment the design style of the rest of your home. Just because this is your home office doesn’t mean it has to look like an actual cold, bland office. If you have the space, opt for some nice sofa chairs or a loveseat that compliment your design platform and will make your home office inviting and cozy. This space needs to be a place where you want to be, not where you have to be. 

When choosing a color for the walls of your home office, pick a color that you love. Whether it’s a bright cheery color or a calming pastel color, choose one that will enhance the mood you need to be the most productive. 

This office reflects simplicity using soft gray paint for the walls and minimal decor to achieve organization in this smaller home office space. 

Make your office vibrant and lively with white furniture and walls with bold colored accents. Adding bold colored rugs, accent lamps and drapery adds the perfect balance to this chic home office. 

How about a room with a view? This home office is fully updated with a beautiful fireplace and natural light from all directions. The large space provides an area with a sofa and a table that doubles as the desk. 

Get your creative juices flowing in this simple vintage home office with distressed furniture, simple wall decor and bohemian style rug. This home office offers plenty of natural light as well as soft pastel color accents to create a peaceful calming affect. 

If you can’t accommodate a separate space for a home office, there’s always an option of adding it in a corner nook of a larger room. As seen here the addition of a small rustic writing desk and chair alongside the wall of the living room provides a perfect corner office nook.

Have the room for a large home office? How about splurging with an executive suite with wraparound glass walls and oversized furniture to accommodate the size of your space. 

Achieve a clean look with an industrial style desk, framed simple artwork and plain white walls. Add some contemporary accessories with minimal color accents and you have a very clean and simple space to get your work done. 

Create an elegant home office with a mirror top desk, gold toned furniture and accessories with pretty pastel and white color accents. 

Add comfort as well as design to your office space with a beautiful and luxurious chair as well as an oversized shag rug. 

Choose a space that has windows to allow for natural light in your home office. Natural light reduces stress as well as natural colors keep the space neutral and calming. 

This home office offers a practical and simple environment with fresh ivory paint, furniture and accessories. Including decorative greenery that exudes life, making this space an ideal environment for making work seem easier. 

Whatever style suits your personality and work ethic, choosing to design a home office can be a benefit whether you work from home or just to accomplish random tasks. 

A home-office not only benefits your work life, but increases the value of your home as well. It adds an extra space that most families desire and additional design appeal complimenting the rest of your home. 

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