Home Improvement Projects To Tackle When The Temperature Drops

There are some great home improvement projects to do when the temperature drops. During spring and summer is mostly the time when homeowners decide to do some remodeling on their homes. However, here are a few projects you can do to the interior of your home while your stuck inside keeping warm from the cold weather. 

Updating your walls is a great thing to do when the temps outside start to drop. Contrary to what most think that in order to paint indoors you have to have every window open. If you choose low voc paint just cracking the windows a bit will do. This is especially a good time to freshen up the walls because you’re spending most of your time indoors. Adding a fresh coat of paint will add visual stimulation and lift the mood of the entire space. Another great way to update your walls is to add crown molding. This will dramatically change the appearance of the space adding high design and elegance to the room. 

Another great project to do when fall starts to settle in is a laundry or mud room update. Choosing a new color theme as well as adding counter space or built in cabinetry are great ways to not only add appeal but better functionality as well. Also changing the layout of your washer and dryer can also add more space and functionality. Moving them from stacked to side by side can make the room look bigger and more aesthetically pleasing as well as more countertop space. Also you can get a little creative and add a tile backsplash making this space a pleasing and refreshing place to go to when doing a very necessary and mundane weekly task.

Let’s talk about that bathroom that just needs a little refreshing. Adding a new vanity will do just that. There’s a wide variety of styles and finishes from a corner vanity that will maximize space for the smaller bathrooms, to cabinet style, furniture style,  floating, double and freestanding double vanity. Choose a vanity that will emphasize your design platform as this will be the centerpiece and focal point of the room. 

Lastly adding some wainscoting or paneling to your walls is a great indoor project. It not only protects your walls but adds a unique touch that will bring elegance to the space.  Wainscoting comes in many different options such as raised panel, flat panel and overlay panel and typically covers one third of the wall. Or if you opt for a full panel wall you can choose either standard panels or raised panels with an intricate design for a modern look. 

These are just a few of many projects and updates you can do when the temperature outside starts to drop. We can offer help with all of the above as well as any other updates you choose for your home. Let us know how we can help make a house become your home. 

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