Wallpaper Design Ideas

A nice way to add style or character to a space is wallpaper. Most homes are painted throughout to give it a crisp clean look. However, adding a beautiful printed wallpaper to any room can add character and make the space pop.

The key to adding wallpaper is making sure there’s not so much that it gives an overwhelming appearance. A nice printed or textured wallpaper can fill small spaces like bathrooms or laundry rooms without giving it that overwhelming appearance. Smaller spaces can either have an accent wall or the entire space done in wallpaper to add design to the space.

Larger spaces like living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms usually only require an accent wall of nicely textured or printed wallpaper to add a lot of character and a focal point for the space. So if you’re going for the larger room in your home, for example the living room, choose a wall that will be a focal point when you enter the room like the fireplace wall or a seating area.

With all of the new design ideas that are prevalent in the remodeling industry, there are a lot of prints and textures of wallpaper to choose from. Below are a few examples of wallpaper that looks like the real material that’s frequently used in farmhouse design remodeling. Wallpaper is a great way to make your rooms unique, add character and give it that high design look you’re going for.

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