Exterior Remodels: Small Updates Equal Maximum Impact

There are many reasons that motivate  a homeowner to do an exterior remodel. Maintenance or repairs, outdated appearance or family dynamics changing are all common reasons for beginning an exterior remodel. 

Deciding what you want to change and planning out your design platform is key to creating a budget for your exterior remodel. Decide what your must haves are first then go from there to create a plan that meets your budget. Some homeowners need significant changes that are structurally needed like an updated roof, siding, windows etc. Others just want a simple “face lift “ to the exterior of their home which are much less invasive cosmetic updates. 

Some great ideas to update your exterior are painting, either siding or brick, adding an accent wall, porch addition, adding or replacing shutters, adding window boxes, landscaping, trim work or a new front door. These are all great ways that are cosmetic to give your home a fresh updated look and maximize curb appeal. 

Another great way to update the exterior of your home is to add decorative trim to windows, doors or gables. Adding decorative trim can bring an old house back to life and add the perfect touch of elegance.  Make sure to choose trim that complements the architectural style of your home.  Exterior trim is now available not only in wood but synthetic materials as well including composite and cellular PVC which are lightweight, long lasting and require less maintenance.  

Adding exterior columns is another great way to update your home. They can be load bearing or purely decorative. When choosing columns always make sure that they’re proportional to your home. Spacing them farther apart can make a small entryway more comfortable and inviting. 

No matter what you decide you need for your exterior update, remember that even the smallest updates can have a huge impact adding significant curb appeal to your home. 

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