Cost Effective Ways to Increase Home Value: Updating Your Window & Doors

Whether you’re buying a new home or replacing existing windows and doors. The key is to know which ones will give you the best bang for your buck, but also have great design appeal as well. 

When it comes to replacing windows, there are four key factors to consider. Frame, glass, design and installation. 

Vinyl frames are less expensive but if well constructed can offer excellent energy efficiency through insulated glass. However, vinyl frames can be limited when it comes to color choices. 

Wood window frames offer the best energy efficiency. A well built wood frame will stand the test of time and offer great insulation value. They do require more upkeep than vinyl or aluminum but well worth it when it comes to the savings in energy they provide. 

Aluminum does not perform great when it comes to energy transfer and loss. However it is very practical in wet climates and also meets coastal building codes in hurricane prone areas due to their strength. 

Wood clad windows can offer a low maintenance exterior being vinyl and very high energy efficiency with the wood interior. However these types of window frames can be prone to water intrusion which can cause damage and rotting. To prevent water intrusion a waterproof rubber membrane should be installed around the cladding. There also should be a sill pan installed to drain any water that does get through. 

When it comes to design with your windows, you’ll need to match them to the style of your home. Once you find something you like, take a look at your home from a distance making sure your choice compliments the style of your home. 

When it comes to updating either your interior or exterior, doors are a must. 

There are many different types of doors. However the most common are paneled, French and newly popular the sliding farmhouse style door. 

Paneled doors can be solid or hollow. The solid door is a better choice for noise reduction but hollow doors tend to be a common staple in the modern home. Doors can be stained or painted. The classic six panel door creates visual balance to the space and increases the value of your home.

If you want to keep an open floor plan but have some kind of slight separation, French doors are a perfect fit. French doors are good for keeping a space open and letting light flow through. But also adding the separation when needed of dividing rooms. Another great design idea with French doors is to have frosted glass. This brings added warmth to the space as well as old-fashioned charm.

Sliding doors have grown more and more in popularity and are the current trend for the modern farmhouse look. They not only offer a high design look, but also space saving making them the perfect go to for smaller spaces.

Sliding barn doors can add a cozy rustic feel, while painted paneled sliding doors give a space that modern classic finishing touch. And distressed paint in pastel colors can offer that shabby chic farmhouse appeal. These doors are very versatile and can accommodate most design platforms. 

One of the most cost effective ways to increase the value of your home is to add a new entry door.  It is one of the most important updates as it’s the first and last thing a person sees when visiting your home. However, your entry door is more than just decorative. It also provides security which is a very important investment. 

When choosing an entry door make sure it fits architecturally with the style of your home. A six panel door is very traditional while a French door adds elegance and natural light.  

When choosing the color of your entry door, keep in mind the tone that it’s portraying. A red door is very bold and vibrant while a yellow door offers a cheerful tone. This will give a personal expression of what you want yourself and your guests to feel when entering your home. 

Updating your windows and doors not only adds value to your home at a low cost, but offers excellent curb appeal as well. It can refresh a dated, drab looking home making it new and vibrant adding elegance and design. 

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