One design option that is frequently overlooked is the built in bookcase. This is an excellent option for any room that will go with any theme and add enrichment to the space. 

When deciding what type of bookcase you’ll want, there are a few things you’ll need to think about.  First the depth of the shelving along with how many different sections and whether or not you want some sections to have doors. Glass doors are a great option to keep dust at bay but still allow for a visually pleasing display. Also making sure the built in reaches as close to the ceiling as possible ensures that it will have the look and feel that it was included in the original build of the home. 

As far as room options for built in bookcases, the options are pretty much open to any room. Most people tend to think of only the living room or home office as a good space for a built in bookcase. However, built in bookcases can add a lovely centerpiece when framed around a doorway, in a dining room or even an extended kitchen.  Around a fireplace is another popular choice adding a lot of function to the space as well. 

There are many ways to fill a built in bookcase. Just because it’s a bookcase, doesn’t mean you can only fill it with books. There are plenty of options to add character, design and your own unique touch to the space including baskets, plants, candles, glass jars, picture frames and vases.  

There are various paint color options when it comes to built in bookcases. You can choose a bold color that makes the room pop, or a neutral color for an elegant look. There’s also two toned painting. Painting the inside and back walls of the bookcase your primary color and the outer edges and shelving white. Painting only the back walls your primary color and painting the side walls, shelving and outer edges white or even another complimentary color is another great option as well. This adds a beautiful and unique look with high design appeal to your bookcase. 

No matter what option you choose, built-in bookcases are a fun project. Whether you build it yourself or have us build a custom bookcase for you, they’re always a great way to add character and function to a space.