Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

When it comes to designing your bathroom, picking out tile can be the fun part. Especially if you decide to get creative with tile design whether it be on the wall, in the shower, tub or floor.  A well designed bathroom can easily boost the value of your home. 

Whether you opt for a vibrant color or a bold new pattern, the versatility of tile can allow for a very customizable look. 

Greens and blues are popular for the color palette of bathrooms. Instead of a classic white subway tile, opting for a glossy green subway tile for either the wall or backsplash will bring your bathroom to life with this vibrant, fresh color. 

If it’s blue that you like, adding bright blue tile to your entire wall instead of paint can add a high design feel as well as elegance. It makes for a more modern appeal and is also easier to clean and maintain. 

Another great tile design idea to try in your bathroom is to add patterned tiles. You can add tile with a geometric design to the floor to add visual appeal to an otherwise traditional or neutral themed bathroom. 

Make a statement with a geometric design and bold color tile accent wall. 

This blue and white tile stands out and adds a beautiful focal point for the space. 

If you want to stay with more of a classic look. Adding a tile border can add just the right amount of design to either the floor or walls. 

Add a splash of design with a herringbone border around your tub or shower. 

Since the bathroom is a smaller space, you may want to take advantage and get outside of your comfort zone adding a unique, customized tile design.

A new trend in bathroom tile is the fish scale tile. This adds a splash of high design no matter what theme you choose for your bathroom. 

Black hexagon tiles add sophistication making this bathroom sleek and classy. 

Another unique look is the mosaic tile. Make a gorgeous statement on your shower walls with a bold color mosaic tile making your bath or shower pop. 

Even if your floor is hardwood, adding a little splash of tile makes this marble mosaic the focal point of the room. A perfect unique touch that adds design and character. 

You can also take the mosaic tile design from the walls to the floor like this design done in penny tile. 

Adding a variety of different tile designs to either the floor or walls of an otherwise simplistic bathroom can provide the perfect amount of character without being overwhelming to the eye.

If you’re looking for a sleek modern style, avoid matte tile and go for polished. These luminous silver tiles with a gloss finish give this bathroom a very modern and upscale appeal. 

Chevron is favorite design choice for many items which now include tile. The Chevron pattern is now gaining popularity in bathroom tile design options for your floors and walls. 

Use different colors to tie together your theme and bring your bathroom to life. The earth toned floor tiles make for a perfect base. Adding simple graphic polished tiles together with the crisp sky blue paint ties the entire space together making each color pop in a peacefully pleasing way. 

We hope that this helped spark some creativity and excitement for your bathroom tile design. Your bathroom is a great place to start when you’re venturing out of your comfort zone and into a world of creative custom design.

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