Adding Wainscoting To Your Space

Your home interior is freshly painted just how you like it. Crisp and clean and full of color. However, if you want to add more of a high design look that will add elegance to a room, wainscoting is a perfect choice. 

Wainscoting comes in plenty of options like flat panel, raises panel and overlay panel. The overlay panel offers more elaborate designs to make your space more unique. 

When applying wainscoting typically you apply it one third up each wall. However this can be altered depending on your ceiling height. If you have higher ceilings you can make it higher by adding center rails and making two rows of panels. 

Wainscoting adds a beautiful elegance to each room and can be painted to accommodate your color palette with a color background on the panels and white trim. If you’re going for a clean crisp look you can paint solid white to brighten the space. 

Wainscoting is an excellent option that will not only protect your walls but give the space design and a polished elegant appearance. 

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